These are Norwegian belts, but some of the patterns are also worn by the Sami people in Lappland. They are hand knitted and very intricately made. Beautiful patterns and colors!


Midsummer in Norway

Midsummer is fast approaching us! In Norway it is tradition to light a large bonfire on Midsummer Night in celebration of the summer solstice. This year it will be held on the 23rd of June. For anyone traveling or in Norway you will see Midsummer celebrations everywhere.

It is also an old tradition for girls to wear flower crowns, boys can also wear crowns. You will see traditional Norwegian dress (the Bunad) and a maypole with ribbons. At night girls can put their flower crowns under their pillow, it is believed that they will dream of their future husbands. There will be stands to purchase flower crowns throughout all of the major cities and towns in Norway.





Sweater Care Tips


Summer is fast approaching so most of us will be putting our knitwear away in storage until the fall comes again. This means you need to protect your wool wear from moths who love putting holes in our garments! The old fashioned way is to use moth balls, but these can be as toxic and unpleasant as the moths themselves as the odor can be burdensome. Some more effective ways to prevent moth damage is to buy a cedar box and let your wool garments rest there.

Moths are attracted to fabric mainly because of the food that we spill on them. Launder your clothing efficiently. Washing woolens in hot water is not safe because you will shrink them, but if you use hot water to hand wash or iron this will kill the moth eggs and larvae and sanitize your clothing.

Moths are typically attracted to dark crevices, it would be wise to thoroughly vacuum and clean your closet, drawers, or wardrobes. Once you have done that seal your clothing in bags and seal it tightly.

Another unorthodox method is to store your woolens in a freezer because that kills moth eggs.

A natural way to repel moths is to use herbs such as lavender, cedar, rosemary, mint, thyme, cloves, peppercorns,eucalyptus, and ginseng.

lavender herb1 DeckBox-Final-2

Sweater Shaver

Pilling is a nuisance we understand, but it is inevitable so how do you solve it? Buy a sweater shaver, razor, or a pair of scissors to remove them manually. The sweater shaver will be your best mate until the pilling stops. Pilling occurs because the weaker fibers are matting together. Eventually all of those weak fibers will go and the sweater will be pill free henceforth, but in the meantime there is some maintenance. Sweater shavers are cheap, and available at every department store.



Furcht und Elend



Know how to cut them, know how to read them,
Know how to stain them, know how to prove them,
Know how to evoke them, know how to score them,
Know how to send them know how to send them


“I know that I hung on a windy tree

nine long nights,

wounded with a spear, dedicated to Odin,

myself to myself,

on that tree of which no man knows

from where its roots run.

No bread did they give me nor a drink from a horn

downwards I peered;

I took up the runes, screaming I took them,

then I fell back from there.”

In Old Norse 

“Veit ec at ec hecc vindga meiði a

netr allar nío,

geiri vndaþr oc gefinn Oðni,

sialfr sialfom mer,

a þeim meiþi, er mangi veit, hvers hann af rótom renn.

Við hleifi mic seldo ne viþ hornigi,

nysta ec niþr,

nam ec…

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Äggleverans från Karin Ferner i Falun från Svenskhemsljöd

Swedish easter eggs to hang on a tree or a bouquet within your home.


Easter or Ostara (Ôstara) is a Germanic pagan holiday to celebrate rebirth and the reawakening of nature in the spring time. The early Germanic tribes of present Germany and Scandinavia believed a goddess saved a bird stuck in ice by turning him into a rabbit. This is why the rabbit can lay eggs. Thus the veneration of the hares and Freya, the goddess who saved him with her magic.

In Scandinavia it is also common to come across branches with feathers on them or pussy willow bundles.


paskris-500x752 316f7793b02c48c58a5405c4869affe6HappyEaster1920Papier mache egg container features the same old fashioned image on both halves with red trim. Perfect for candies or other small treats, halves fit snugly together. Made in GermanyJunge Frau mit Riesenostereiern

These are eggs made in Vermont from the early 1900s. The settlers of Vermont were mainly Irish, Scottish, English Northern Europeans who brought over their easter traditions.

il_570xN.424422432_sjcmil_570xN.424422278_rcbyil_570xN.424421976_mtl3Osterhase sitz neben einer OstereierschaleLouis_John_Rhead_American_born_England_1857_1926_The_Evening_Telegraph_Easter_Number p_ske1910 The Herald, 1896

The easter Goddess (Ostara) from the Germanic folklore mythos.

Wilhelm Schade Weisse Ostern White Easter Jugend Magazine, 1896

Win A Sweater


Send us pictures from your Easter holiday, where someone is wearing a Dale sweater. We are looking for anything that captures the true Easter holiday feeling, whether it is a fun, creative picture or breathtaking scenery. Please send your picture with name and Country to the following e-mail address:
PS! The pictures will be added to our Facebook album.

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Sochi 2014 Olympic Sweater

Although we have not seen an actual pattern book for the Sochi Olympics yet we do have what the ready to wear Sochi sweater is going to look like Hopefully this start getting everyone excited. Normally the pattern books resemble the ready to wear sweaters so we are guessing it will be similar to the picture below when we have more info concerning this pattern we will let you know!


Dronning Maud


The Dronning Maud sweater was created to celebrate the Norwegian Antarctic explorers who journeyed to the South Pole in November 2000. Two scientists, a surgeon, and a mechanic made it to the Norwegian Polar Institute to research nutritious foods, disposables, and polar environments. They were the first in over 50 years to make it there. On the upper right and left breast you will see a cross in a circle to symbolize the polar point of the Antarctic!

Jokkmokk Marknad!


The Jokkmokk market has started! Reindeer sleigh rides are available near the lake adjacent to Hotel Jokkmokk. Dress warmly it’s -40 degrees! No better time to wear wool than in February where temperatures can plummet down to -60. Wool keeps you warmer than any synthetic fabric available in most stores. Dale of Norway will always use wool for our products for this reason!

Frozen Bubbles



A very beautiful sight, but a scary one at the same time. This was created from global warming perma frost and methane. We at Dale of Norway pride ourselves in being environmentally responsible. We use safe processes for our yarn and knitwear line, and everything is made in our factory in Dale.  We do not outsource to factories that use obsolete infrastructure and technology.